Suppp. Super short post today but whatever. Anything's better than nothing at all.. blahh. See basically what had happened was my freaking DSLR Remote was being a bitch and decided not to function properly today...stupid bitch. Anyways, this rightCHEA is my outfit of the day. (OOTD) whatever, you get it. Im obviously looking super hot on a sunny day but relax! The wind chill is on super sayin mode right now. I mean the wind was sooo crucial at one point that my damn tripod fell over and almost killed my one of a kind nikon. -_- .. ON TO THE FUCKING LOOK NOW. Basically I paired this DIY Hoodie with a Velvet H&M Blazer which is probably not in the store anymore so if you want one you're probably shit out of luck unfortunately.. I know, H&M switches the flow up too much! It hurts. Then I paired it with these leather pants that im in fucking love with, Oh! and how could i forget? Those white ass shoes that im blessing the ground with are actually OG Shell Toes.. Yes!! Adidas!! I honestly didn't even know I had these fucking shoes. I literally found them hidden under like 20 boxes of shoes. Tell me what you think yo!

OOTD. Sunday, April 21.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

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