May 2013

Yooo, wuddup! So today I finally decided to step back in the lab and cook up some designs for my clothing line releasing this summer (LXRY APPVREL) and i came up with these majestic tee shirts. Earlier I announced that I will be giving out 10 FREE sample tee's before the official release date. I got a bunnnch of love on them so that was hella cool. Anyways I have a few sample tee's left, let me know if you need the hookup. Check em' outtt sonnn, let me know what you think! Even if this is the ugliest shit you've ever seen, let me know! Feedback is vital (:

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Monday, May 20, 2013

I bet you guys thought I fucking left you for dead right? Yeah, see WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS I was sooo fucking busy this past week that I couldn't shoot or anything. So don't blame me. & even if you do, go fuck yourself. It's weird. One part of me is saying "don't say that to them, they're actually intrigued in what you do.. you don't want to run them away by being an asshole".. then another side of me is yelling out "fuck it, im truly an asshole anyway.. may as well give them the true me..".. so im a little torn and the more I type the more i realize that im actually just going on and on about completely nothing. RIGHT. On to the outfit of the day.. or OOTD or whatever you guys call this shit. Easy Money Clothing actually sent me some new shit in the mail to rock for free .99. So it was only right that I campaign for them, I love their movement & if you don't know who they are by the end of this post then you probably didn't read this which means you clearly suck and fail at life and you should try starting over. Lately i've been pairing this old H&M blazer with alot of the bullshit I wear but i promise my next post will be diff. Anyways so yaaa, I basically followed my formula to life. Which is "Wear as much black as possible (Because black is the shit and it looks fucking badass) and throw in a few gold accents, accessories.. whatever. If you dont get it by now, you will within the next few posts I make. I also threw on my new loubies that i lowkey got. Like, usually when I cop something hella dope I'll like let the world know.. but for some odd reason I actually didnt this time so yeah. If you know me in REAL LIFE (Which you probably don't because I only have like 2 friends) then yeah...these are new bitch. And once again im going on about completely fucking nothing, I feel like Mac keyboards should stop functioning when they feel like you're bullshitting with whatever you're typing. That would deff make this post an entire lifetime shorter but im done for now I promise. Go check out Easy Money Clothing's apparel at & check their tumblr at Okay bye hoe$

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Thursday, May 2, 2013